What Is Social Media

Social media is a broad category that spans upwards of a dozen sources, and it is an ever-growing industry evolving at the speed of the internet (be glad we’re not still working off dial-up). Initial thoughts when mentioning social media tend to gear towards Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but there’s also Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In an ideal world, you would only spend an hour a day maintaining all of your social media outlets. In reality, there’s a good reason why companies maintain full-time positions, sometimes even an entire department, solely dedicated to social media management.

If this feels overwhelming, you’re not alone in that feeling. It’s a lot to take on and even more to keep up with. The first thing anyone should do when trying to get a handle on their social media and optimize its reach is to perform an audit. The first audit is always the most time-consuming and tedious. After it’s all set up, it’s a simple issue of keeping up with it as you go.

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